Joshua turned eight

On Saturday morning before I even had my first cup of Coffee my rumpled hair baby boy curled up into my lap and stared at me with his sleepy brown eyes.

" Happy Birthday baby boy" I whispered into his ear

" Thanks " he whispered as he wiggled around on my lap

" How does it feel to be eight " I asked him

" I still feel the same way I did when I was seven, I just think I have a few more pains " he told me back as he closed his eyes and settled in for a nice morning cuddle.

I held my baby that will very soon be taller than me and tried hard not to laugh, if he thinks he has pains now at eight wait until he is thirty two.

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My Son The Pope

Joshua is probably the most spiritual kid that I have ever met. He loves to pray, he has his own bottle of holy water given to hime by his Catacism teacher, he has a prayer box that he has next to his bed. So it came as no real suprise when he came to me and told me that when he grows up that he wants to be a priest. I asked him why he decided that. He told me that it was a great job. You got to work for God, you never had to get married and wives are really anoying anyways. Apparently I suck as a wife example because Joshua thinks wives are only there to tell you what to do. I plan on working to rectifying his opinion of wives. He also says that the church gives you your own little house to live in and you really only had to wok on Sundays. Like he says its a good job. So I told him that was great, whatever he wants to be. Later that night when Patrick came home I told Joshua to tell him what he planned on being when he grew up. Expecting him to say a priest I waited to see Patricks reaction. Instead Joshua told him that earlier he had thought it would b great to be a priest, but that he had figured that if he was going to be a priest he might as well be the boss and be the pope.

My Bar Name Is Candy

After the short bus pulled away from my block my journey through the twilight zone began. The driver picked up the rest of the moms from their houses and drove us to our friends house. It was her husband who got us the short bus for the evening, he is the director of transit services for the island. Anyways we sat and chatted there, had a drink or two and par took in my friends buffet of party foods. Than we made our way to the boom boom room for ladies night. On the bus the ladies decided to have bar names. They named me Candy, Becky was named Bambi, Sheri was named Lola, Mehgan was called Princess and Pina was named Samantha and I cant remeber the rest. When we arrived at the bar, we got very good seats ( so they tell me ) I have only ever seen strippers once, at Sallys Stagget. Anyways I got at drink called a raseberry stoolie, Its like cool aid. I couldve gotten very drunk, but as far as drinking goes I only had three, one I'm happy, two I'm drunk, three I do things I normally wouldn't, four thats a place I dont like to go, after all I'm married. Then my friend Donna and I got picked to compete against a couple of twenty year old girls from a stagget party. The contest was come up with ten sexual positions in twenty seconds, the first ones to do this win a prize. Well long story short we won, so for the rest of the evening a new vibrator curtesy of the Love shop sat in my purse. Well actually Karlies purse,mine was too big for the evening so I borrowed hers. Than the strippers came out. First a Latin guy, who seemed to like me. He kept coming over to me and no I was not giving him money. Than my friend shoved a stripper buck in my cleavage and next thing I knew it his face was in my boobs pulling it out with his teeth. Only one guy has ever been allowed to put his face in my boobs. Than he pulled me out onto the dance floor and told me to pull of his underwear, not wanting to seem the prude of the group I did. Oh my Goodness, there was a pinis in my face. The funniest part of the entire thing though was that instead of being intested in him, I was worried that I hadn't taken his underwear of properly and he would trip on them since they were still wrapped around his ankles. He then danced me around and kissed my neck. This caused me to need another drink. Then came the second dancer, he was black and had an amazing shape. He came out dressed like a cowboy. He payed alot of attention to me too.But the part that I found more shocking was when I took my eyes off him for a moment he pulled me up into the air and wrapped me legs around him. Holy Heck, I tried to climb down but he pulled me right back up again. Then he kissed me cheek and put me back and took his own underwear off. As soon as he did this my friend took off her wedding ring. I never saw one so big, and I have seen porn. Another drink. By this time I have had my three, the strippers have retired for the night and we danced. I was followed around by this guy for a bit until I asked him if he twelve than we left. One of the ladies wanted to go to another bar. Well I hadn't been to this bar since it was called the forge. The line up was  almost a block long, you wouldve thought it was the first night star wars had hit the theatres. We thought no way we were  waiting in a line like that, than our friend said we weren't. She marched to the front of the line and whispered a few words to the bouncer and before I knew it he moved the ropes and amongst all the swearing from the huge line he ushered us through. It was weird, it was like the Colwood/Langford moms night out had become an episode of the desperate housewives. A couple of us didnt like it there, the entire place was full of twinkies. I felt old again. We left and one of my friends was being followed by a young guy. I told him my drunk friend was married, he said that was alright. I told him she had twin babies at home, he ran………she got mad but all was right in the world. Than they got it in their heads a two in the morning that they wanted to go to Dennys. Bambie and I said fine lets walk and they followed. Than they cried it was too far, one stopped and pissed in a drainage grate, one pissed in front of the garden of Eden. If Bambi and I had walked it ourselves we couldve been there in fifteen minutes. An hour and a fight beween two of the friends, a cab with only one friend back to Colwood, and a cab for five one block to Dennys and we finally got there. We all had water and Moons over My Hammy and sat next to a man who thought we were trying to steal his sould when Bambie took a picture of the group. Finally at three thirty something Geaorge the short bus driver came to Dennys and drove us all home. Once I got home I confessed everything to Pat before he even had a chance to say hello. He laughed, told me I was cute and we went to sleep. I had been up for twenty four hours at this point, my pillow was the second sexiest thing I had ever seen. The first sexiest was my Pat, he sat up all night long waiting for me to come home.

I feel like a dork!

A bunch of the kindergarten moms are getting together and going out for a night on the town. I opened the store today and worked till two. Than spent far to much time shopping for something that would make me feel like less of a dork. After wasting all that time I still end up wearing something I already had in my closet. Dork…….need I say more. Some woman get picked up in limos, we are being picked up by a bus. A bunch of Kindergaten moms getting together and riding in the short bus. I was never good at this when I was younger now I feel to old to be doing this. Will I look like a dork or just feel like one. This may be the lac of sleep talking since it is now six p.m. and I have been up since 4:30am. well time to get my shoes on, my short bus should be arriving shortly. No punn intended.

Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

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Best friends

Best friends

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My husband is an amazing person

Everyday I find myself wishing that I could be more like Patrick. He is kind and patient and he never seems to let his temper get the better of him. He helps anyone who asks and looks for those he can help that wouldn't ask. He does more for me than I ever seem to do for him. His life growing up couldve made him cold,hard and unfeeling. Yet all the pain and trauma he went through in his life has made him amazing husband, father and man. Yet I see people over look him, take advantage of his kind heart and make him feel as though he will never suceed in the things he wants to accomplish. He says it the old saying that the good guy always finishes last. Patrick is the first person I would ever want on my side, the first person that people know they can rely on, the first person to help out without ever expecting  a thanks. In my eyes Patrick could never be last……. he is the most amazing man anyone could ever want to meet.

The bad day and the visitor that stopped by and didn’t get to leave.

So Sunday was an alright day, the sun was shinning. I got off work early and came home to find Karlie riding her bike without training wheels. She was so happy that we had to skip church because we couldn't get her off the bike. Later Joshua went to his friends birthday party and played laser tag. He came home sad because his laser gun didn't work and he was to shy to tell anyone to help him.The day seemed to just get worse.Later on Karlie and Kayla went over to their frind Aprils house to play. There Karlie stepped on a nail in a board and it went right through her boot and pierced her foot. We took her to the clinic and they cleaned it out, she didn't need a shot but he gave her antibiotics in case of a staff infection. She was calmed with a happy meal and a promise to be able to watch Narnia for the thirty third time. Than after they ate she came running into the kitchen to tell me that the grey rat had come back but that Daddy said it was sick and dying. I ran outside through the front door while the kids went out the back door. I only heard Pat yell at the kids to go back into the house when I saw Pat holding the Rat that I found a few days earlier by the tail. I thought it was dead because Karlie had said the rat was sick. Well next thing I knew it Pat killed the rat. He didn't see me…….The poor rat he never saw it coming. He may have survived Thick but he didn't expect Pat. I shouldve taken the Rat a few blocks away into the woods. Pat warned me, he told me that the rat would find his way back. He said he had found it crawling up the wall of the house trying to climb in through the dryer vent. I never even thought a rat could get into the house that way. Well that was my day. Just like the rats untimely death, I never saw that bad day coming.

Thickes little friend in the back yard

This afternoon the girls were sitting in the back sunroom colouring. All of a sudden they started screaming. I ran over and they told me that Thick had cornored a mouse in the back yard. I went outside to check it out, it was a grey rat. Probably no more than six months old. I told the girls to go back in and go watch tv in my room. I didnt want them to see Thick eat the rat. Two hours later, Thick batted the little guy around a bit but still had not eaten him. I went back to check on the rat and he was not even hurt just scared. Still thinking my cat would find his inner animal I left them alone. Than Karlie asked me to save him………She reminded me of our rats. Of course I used this time to remind her that our rats were not wild,they did not bite or have germs that we needed to fear. Did not matter though, she wanted him saved. I grabbed a birthday gift bag and the kitchen broom and went outside to save the rat. Thick was a bit annoyed he kept trying to come in between me and what he saw as his new toy. Finally I was able to coax the little fur ball into the bag. The girls at this point had put on their shoes and joined me in the yard. We went for a walk and found a soft shaded spot in the trees up the hill to release the little fur ball. While we watched him crawl out of the bag, he just sat and watched us. I could actually see that he was grateful. I dont think he ever belived that he was going to make it out of my back yard alive.

In a moment

The birds sing from atop the trees

Sweet is their song but it makes you stop

Just for a moment

Briefly you pause, lost in your thoughts

Across the world something is wrong

Birds are dying


You watch them fly across the sky

Majestic, soaring on the breeze

Defying gravity

As a child you wished one day to be a bird

To feel the wind across your face

The freedom of the open air

How could something so beautiful harbour such a plague

The year 1918

It shouldn't mean anything to us

Now its a window into the past

A window who's curtain should never have been touched

Moved to reveal a time of sickness, fear and death


Again a word that should mean nothing to us

Just a word in the dictionary

Instead they say its coming

Growing strong in a land far away

Hiding itself in the birds

Until one day it finds a way to become one of us

Passed on in a single hand shake, a kiss or through the air

It shouldn't mean that we should be afraid

Its 2006

Doctors and Science have astonished man

One sheep can now become two in the blink of an eye

Curing the birds shouldn't be hard

Than why are they still dying?

Washing up upon the shores

Falling from the sky

Farmers looking out their windows

To find thousands of Thanksgiving turkeys

Dead, lying in the field

Children playing with chickens instead of dogs

Finding it hard to breath

Crying mothers carrying them in their arms

Searching the streets for help

Doctors unprepared for what they find

Everyday that passes, it gets closer

No longer just a word lost in a dusty book

Its coming and we are living in our houses

With our curtains closed

Unprepared for what we might find the next time we open them

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